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Ada Lovelace Institute
Digital, Strategy, Visual identity development

Having established itself as a leading voice on data and AI, the Ada Lovelace Institute needed an identity and digital home to call its own.

The Ada Lovelace Institute was founded in 2018 by the Nuffield Foundation with a clear mission: to ensure that big data and artificial intelligence are used to improve people’s lives, and that the benefits of the information age accrue justly and equitably. 

Ada launched with a relatively minimal web presence and no real identity of its own beyond the Nuffield Foundation’s main branding. But after a few years of growing its role within the sector, it was time to develop a visual language and website more in line with its ambition, expertise and stature.

An image showing the Ada website homepage on mobile and desktop. The Ada Lovelace logo and menu bad sits at the top alongside the words "An independent research institute with a mission to ensure data and AI work for people and society"

Having worked with the Nuffield Foundation on its own brand development project, we were already familiar with the underlying visual foundations. Our task was to build out from that to create a meaningful and ownable identity for Ada while ensuring it still felt part of the bigger Nuffield family.

Stack of three notebooks with Ada Lovelace Institute logo in brand colours – orange, light pink and black.

We split the original Nuffield colour palette into tertiary, secondary and primary sets to give Ada its own identity within a familiar setting. We chose orange as the lead colour to build recognition and set Ada apart.

A selection of social media cards in Ada's new identity.

We introduced a new font to their visual toolkit. This sits in contrast to the existing brand font and gives Ada a more editorial and academic voice to suit its ambitions.

A image showing pages from the Ada Lovelace brand guidelines, including colour palette, typography, logo treatment and diagram style.
A cover of a sample report reading "Checkpoints for vaccine passports" together with some inside spreads from the report.

Ada was already using a combination of illustration and iconography in their outputs; we refined the style and rules around their usage. Illustrative elements are used prominently in publication covers and the website’s featured images to drive the narrative and help avoid the sector stereotypes found in stock imagery.

The Ada Lovelace website shown on a mobile device next to a corner of a laptop with stickers of the Ada Lovelace logo and supporting illustrations.

As an organisation that researches cutting-edge technology, Ada needed a website that both showcases its leadership and reflects its values. That meant being forward-thinking about how the website would work, creating bold site designs, and considering the ethical implications of the code that went under the hood.

We devised and developed a flexibly structured site that accommodates the sheer breadth of Ada’s activity, including a discrete online presence for the independent JUST AI initiative. Our modular page-builder approach to site templates, combined with a carefully configured Drupal back end, allows content editors to create dynamic new pages quickly and easily whenever the need arises.

Various images of the Ada Lovelace website. There is an 'Our work' page together with pictures of various articles and long-form content.

Together, the identity and website strengthen Ada’s standing as a sector leader. Ada now has the tools it needs to better connect with its audiences and demonstrate its pioneering thinking on one of the major issues of the modern age.

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