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Development Initiatives
Branding, Infographics, Publication design

To end poverty we need good data. But we also need that data to be clear and compelling. For that Development Initiatives needed a flexible and distinctive brand identity.

Development Initiatives was founded on the premise that without better data on people in poverty and what works to help them them, it would be impossible to sustainably end poverty. In 2015 the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – in particular SDG 1: to end extreme poverty – gave the organisation fresh impetus and ambition. They needed a brand to match.

Photograph of children overlaid with squares in different shades of red and a short paragraph of text.

DI’s unique focus on the power of data provided us with an opportunity to go beyond some of the typical tropes found in the international development space. But it was also vital for the organisation to appear human. The new brand strategy positioned DI as a ‘trusted friend’; a champion of the ability of data to empower others, and a supportive partner for organisations on the ground.

The resulting brand expression is inspired by the fundamental principles of good data visualisation. It heroes transparency, clarity and coherence. This is combined with the warmth and optimism that defines DI’s personality.

Inspired by heatmaps, dynamic geometric shapes are the heart of the graphic language. Forming the logo icon and extending across the entire system, the vibrant shapes reflect the fluctuating, ever-changing nature of data. To further bring this life, we also created a series of animated assets for use in digital applications.

The Development Initiatives logo in different shades of red.
Close up of a Development Initiatives logo construction drawing.

Given DI’s data-driven approach, creating a system that could be applied to complex information graphics was key. We kept red as the primary colour but tweaked it to work harder and more consistently across applications. With accessibility in mind, we also introduced a secondary palette specifically for use in complex charts.

A circle diagram in red shades.
A collage of red Development Initiatives branded publication covers.

This all comes together in a range of templates and sample styles for different diagrams, tables and charts. Established in an updated set of brand guidelines, this ensures all outputs reinforce the brand and helps to create consistency for the future. 

Brand example visuals of a tote bag and two lanyards with the red DI logo and square shapes.

The fight to meet SDG 1 is far from over. Until it is, we hope to work alongside DI to make data to end poverty both beautiful, understandable and, above all, impactful.

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