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Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative
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Together with the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), we set a new standard for complex, data-rich websites.

An image showing the top of the new EITI homepage. The text on the hero image reads "Mission Critical"

EITI sets the global norm for the good governance of oil, gas and mineral resources. Countries that sign up to the EITI Standard commit to submitting data from across the value chain – from mining operations all the way through to tax revenue derived from resource extraction and how that revenue is spent. 

Three mock-up images showing key pages the new EITI website on mobile
A mock-up of the EITI website showing outlines of various countries together with a progress key

EITI publishes this raw data and conducts its own analysis of countries’ performance, creating scorecards to assess how fully a country complies with EITI Standard. Its platform is populated with a combination of uploaded data (submitted as complex spreadsheets, cleaned, and made available via API), autogenerated data visualisations, and content created by the EITI team.

An image showing the various data visualisation styles of the new EITI website

Our challenge was to make EITI’s wealth of information more easily accessible. There was also an opportunity to improve the editorial experience for the in-house team and to rebuild existing functionality in a more streamlined fashion.

An image showing the various data visualisation styles of the new EITI website

We developed a solution that allows EITI’s own expertise and extensive data to shine together. EITI can now quickly publish auto-generated data visualisations and embed them into editorial content as discrete modules. Authors can choose which visualisations to include and can adjust where they appear in the content.

A mock-up of country pages on the new EITI website – for Indonesia and Malawi – shown on mobile

To support a better user experience, we mapped and categorised existing content to create connections between different elements. This allowed us to introduce better internal linking through things like automated related content and a more intuitive navigation.

We highly valued the collaborative approach of the Soapbox team and couldn’t have chosen a better partner to refresh and elevate the EITI’s online presence.

EITI communications team
A mock-up of an EITI website page showing a timeline

The result is a futureproofed data-driven platform that is a go-to resource for anyone interested in safer and more equitable access to our planet’s natural resources.

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